I have been fishing since i was 10 years old. Growing up in Sydney, i fished with my father and friends for a wide range of species, from bass to barra, and bream to kingfish.

I am a keen lure and fly fisherman, and well known by my friends as an innovator when it comes to my tackle and fishing techniques.

I have a great passion for targetting native freshwater fish species, as i greatly enjoy being in the outdoors and getting away from it all. I pursued bass obsessively since my teens, and through this experience i went on to target more fish species both in Australia and overseas. My freshwater fishing experience, and a desire to think outside the box is reflected in my product line.

I have over 20 years experience in fly tying. I still manufacture many flies in my spare time. Some of these flies are my own unique patterns. Even standard ties get my own mods to cater for particular species and angling scenarios. As i travelled and fished more places, i delved into other styles of lure fishing such as deepwater jigging, where i have designed and created specialised flies and skirted jigs specifically for this purpose.sent a unique range of tackle for the Australian market.

I trust you will be as excited as i am to represent my products in your stores.

Tight Lines,

David Sanegor.