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This hardwood vibe sinks at a 45 degree angle. Its broad head design and
unique geometry creates an enticing wiggle as it sinks, and a strong vibration when twitched. Superior quality epoxy pearl paint finish, adds extreme durability to the lure. A great choice for fresh and saltwater species, the lure can be cast, jigged or trolled.

This tiny little vibe is not to be underestimated. Equipped with low frequency rattle and
super sharp tinned trebles, it has taken a range of species from bream to trout.

It gets down to where the action is quickly, and it casts very well too.

This vibe lure is equipped with a rattle, tail spinner and
super sharp BKK treble, Ideal for range of species from bream to trout.

Its great castability and slow fall suits spooky fish in shallow water.