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This machined teak lure has a body rocking action as it sinks and a nice erratic
movement when twitched. Horizontal sinking and great casting for its size. Slow
retrieved, with lots of twitches and the odd pause, will generate aggressive takes on a
range of species. Ideal for targeting bass, trout, and saratoga suspending over rocky points, weedbeds and timber.

For lovers of jitterbug style lures, this ones sure to raise your eyebrows .Outcasts
paddler lures and can be cast with greater accuracy. It gurgles and bubbles its way across the
water in a most enticing manner. Its snag resistant robust hardwood design makes it perfect for ultra tight casts into cover.

The Lucky Brow is a work of art. A unique design handcrafted from bonded hardwoods, and
finished with a pearlescent hard epoxy or paint finish. This lure creates an astounding skipping action across the surface, skittering water out the sides !

This hardwood vibe sinks at a 45 degree angle. Its broad head design and
unique geometry creates an enticing wiggle as it sinks, and a strong vibration when twitched. Superior quality epoxy pearl paint finish, adds extreme durability to the lure. A great choice for fresh and saltwater species, the lure can be cast, jigged or trolled.

The Mantana is a jump frog style surface lure. Made from hardwood with a beautiful
epoxy paint finish. This lure bobs up and down vigorously as it is retrieved creating a
swimming wake. Slow rolled and hard twitched it will pop and spray water.
Proven taker of bass, it also has an application for those targeting Saratoga.
It casts a great distance and is equipped with 3X VMC double hook for snag free